Friday, 29 January 2010

Thai Yoga Massage

... this is how this wonderful technique is called what I just learned in Varkalla. In a 11-day course we were massaging each other eight hours a day, learning how to give a full body massage from the feet till the face. Thai massage is often called passive yoga (but this is definitely NOT the thai massage given the red light district in Amsterdam), as it aims the balancing of the male and female, the sun- and moonlike energies in our body, just like yoga. With pressure and streches it works on the energybody, and has a deep therapeutic effect if done properly. I find it very beautiful to receive, and even more beautiful to give. Though these 11 days were extremely intensive, as we were giving and receiving for long long hours. This means that we were constantly into each others energies, pushing and pressing and streching with our learning hands, developing patience towards the one who was giving to us, and loving compassion towards those who was receiving... Giving massage is an intense physical and energetic and spiritual job! This all happened at the roof of a homestay, between the coconut trees and the birds, five minutes from the ocean - the picture is trying to give back something of the location, but I didn`t take photo`s closer as electronic equipment wasn`t welcome on the roof. After the course I had to stay 3 more days on this paradise (which is inspite of all the tourists still a paradise) to let all this massagework go and be with the place, the friends and the locals. More about thai massage at

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